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Academic Affiliates

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Stanford offers three classifications for visitors from other academic institutions. In most cases,  work space is provided at CDR (located near the center of the campus) and open access to the laboratory of a CDR Principal Investigator with whom a joint-research program has been defined. This is an immersive experience within one of Stanford's premier innovation labs. Visitor positions at CDR are in great demand. Priority will be given to Visiting Faculty and Visiting Scholars from key institutions. Longer visits are encouraged to promote full engagement and immersion in the work and the community: preferred minimum stay is six months (which is two quarters).

In order to inscribe the visitor, Stanford University and CDR require visitors to pay a fee; the amount is dependent on the visitor category. This fee includes their SUNet account and email, internet and physical access, library service, access to athletic facilities, etc. Additionally, access to CDR and work space is provided, as well as well as CDR administrative services such as printing and copying. See full fee structure details in the respective visitor categories below.

Visiting Student Researcher Defined

Visiting Student Researchers (VSR) are persons enrolled in a graduate study program who have not yet obtained a PhD (or its foreign equivalent) and wish to engage in research on the Stanford campus using Stanford research facilities. The visa used by Visiting Student Researchers at Stanford is J-1. VSR appointments of 6-12 months are recommended in order to fully integrate with CDR research and culture.

Visiting Student Researchers pay the following fees: 

  1. $1,224/month (Academic Year 2022-2023) Visiting Student Researcher fee to the University.  This fee is posted to the bill on or shortly after the 15th of the month (for the current month). This fee is not pro-rated. 
  2. $700/month to CDR: generally billed as a lump sum, invoiced and payable at start of visit.
  3. $241/quarter (Academic Year 2022-2023). The Campus Health Service Fee ("Health Fee") is a quarterly fee that is mandatory for all visiting student researchers.  This fee covers many of the services provided at Vaden Health Center including primary care visits, CAPS evaluation and short-term therapy, and health and wellness programs. It is similar to fees found at many of Stanford’s peer institutions, and it allows the university to maintain valuable health services for students.

    Visiting Student Researchers are also required to maintain health insurance to cover the costs of specialty care, prescriptions, emergency care, inpatient care, and off-campus health services. This requirement can be met either by purchasing Cardinal Care (Stanford’s student health insurance plan) or an alternative insurance plan that has comparable benefits to Cardinal Care.

     Additional Visiting Student Researcher fee information found here.

Visiting Scholar Defined

Scholars who have a doctorate degree, or who are recognized experts in their field, and who wish to visit Stanford from an outside institution or organization may be recommended by a Group Chair for the courtesy designation of Visiting Scholar. Visiting Scholar appointments are usually made for one year and may be renewed for a second year. An extension beyond two years will be granted only for extraordinary and compelling reasons. In 2010, the University set the minimum visit length for Visiting Scholars at three months. CDR requests a minimum of six months and prefers a one-year visit.

Visiting Scholars are not employees of the University and the title may not be used for personnel or payroll purposes. Visiting Scholars may not receive regular compensation from the University. Visiting Scholars are funded from external or personal sources.

CDR Visiting Scholars will pay $1,923 per month to CDR.

At the request of CDR Faculty, qualified individuals concluding a Stanford affiliation at CDR (PhD graduates, departing Postdoctoral Scholars, etc.) may be appointed as a Visiting Scholar in order to complete their research work.  In this case, no fees apply. The maximum amount of time that can have passed from the affiliation end-date is two months.  Per the University's Visiting Scholar criteria, the individual must be affiliated with an outside institution or organization for the duration of their Visiting Scholar appointment. Visiting Scholar appointments require SoE Dean's approval. 

Visiting Faculty Defined

Faculty members at other colleges or universities may be invited by a Faculty Host to visit Stanford in order to take advantage of their expertise or experience in research or teaching, or to pursue some other collaborative effort which may benefit Stanford, using the designation Visiting Faculty. Visiting Faculty members are expected to be on an approved leave from the academic institution where they hold an appointment. The time period of the Stanford appointment must lie within the dates of this approved leave. Likewise, it is expected that the Visiting Faculty member’s appointment at their home institution will not expire prior to the end of the Stanford appointment. Visiting Faculty appointments are often made for a year (but can be shorter) and are renewable.

CDR Visiting Faculty will pay $1,923 per month to CDR.