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Visiting Faculty Application Process

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Visiting Faculty Appointment Processing

**Proof of English proficiency required before application process begins**

See Stanford’s Bechtel International Center website for forms of proof.

Information and documents needed for the Visiting Faculty application:

  1. Requested start and end dates of appointment
  2. CV and brief proposal of expected research while at Stanford (2-3 paragraphs)
  3. Employer/institution address and phone number (if not on CV).
  4. Home address 
  5. Leave-approval letter from home University on institutional letterhead with the following information:
    - Stating that you are on leave or sabbatical**
    - The dates that you are on leave or sabbatical (this must accomodate the appointment dates)
    - That the home institution expects you will return to your home institution
    - Position title at home University (Prof, Assoc Prof, Asst Prof)
    **If at Stanford during an off-duty period, like summer, the letter needs to state that it is an off-duty period; therefore you are not on leave/sabbatical
  6. Passport: legible copy of biographical page only for Visiting Faculty and each accompanying dependent.
  7. Proof of funding ($2,500 per month living expense, in addition to $1,923 per month for CDR Visitor Fee). Proof of funding is also required for dependent living expenses (per month: $600 for spouse, $300 per child).
    • ​Proof of funding financial documents include bank statements, letters of grants, or scholarships from an organization/institution, etc.  Proof of funding should be shown in U.S dollars or include a conversion showing U.S. dollar equivalent of foreign currency.
  8. Address formated the following way for sending DS-2019 via FedEx, once it’s ready:
    Company (if applicable)
    Address 1
    Address 2
    Post code
    ​Phone number

**All information is needed no less than 3 months prior to expected start of appointment, and should be emailed to Gosia Wojciechowska <> **